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Palm Tree Trimming
Article submitted by Karen Outzen on June 24, 2010
St. Petersburg Times - Take it easy when trimming fronds on palm trees.

Google Maps Street View
Article submitted by Kevin E. Olson on April 6, 2008
Google has been sending a fleet of camera cars to major metropolitan cities taking photographs for the new Street View feature on Google Maps. Near Thanksgiving 2007, the Google Maps camera car fleet arrived in the Tampa Bay area. On November 25 (Sunday), a Google Maps camera car drove through the streets of West Bay and four months later on March 27 the photos were made available online at Google Maps Street View of West Bay.

Google Maps Fleet of Chevy Cobalt Camera Cars

Mailbox Post Guard
Article submitted on March 15, 2008
An innovative product to protect your mailbox post from weed-eater damage at www.mailpostguard.com. Special Offer: Free delivery to West Bay customers (write "West Bay" in the order form Comments to have shipping & handling refunded).

Before Post Guard

After Post Guard

Newspaper Dispenser Removed
Article and photo by Kevin E. Olson submitted on March 2, 2008
Thanks to the efforts of Froment Gonzalez, The Tampa Tribune finally removed their abandon broken rusting newspaper dispenser that was next to the stop sign at the Sheldon Road entrance.

Tampa Tribune newspaper dispenser

Palm Care Seminar on January 24
Flyer submitted by Susan Thomas on January 9, 2008
Dead Palms Tell No Tales: Prevention Detection and Identification (PDF document)

Old Memorial Highway Bridge To Be Completed By May 30
Tampa Bay 10 News article:

Pet Cleanup Station
Article and photo by Kevin E. Olson submitted on May 15, 2007
A pet cleanup station has been installed at the entrance to the West Bay Park.

Pet cleanup station

Old Memorial Highway Bridge To Be Completed By End of April
Tampa Bay Online - Carrollwood & Town 'N Country News article:

New No Parking Signs
Article and photo by Kevin E. Olson submitted on November 5, 2006
New No Parking signs replacing damaged signs have been installed at the West Bay Park and along Oasis Palm Dr. bordering the Townhomes of West Bay Cove.

New No Parking sign

Dead Fish In Large Oasis Palm Pond
Article by Froment Gonzalez and photo by Kevin E. Olson submitted on October 29, 2006
Susan Thomas from Rampart has investigated the recent fish kill. She will send letter to surrounding homes and copy the website committee for posting.

We understand the fish kill may be related to fertilizing near the lake's edge by multiple homes. The chemicals hurt the oxygen quality and thus the fish kill. The Pond contractor has been asked to come out Oct. 31 to remove the dead fish as best as possible.

Letter from Rampart Properties
about dead fish
in Large Oasis Palm Pond

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Turkey vultures feasting on dead fish at Large Oasis Palm Pond

American Ecosystems Report
American Ecosystems reported that the oxygen level on the pond was -1% which is extremely low. Because the carp were not receiving enough oxygen to pass through their gills, the result was a fish kill. The biologists noted when they were here on their monthly maintenance call last Friday, they tried handling some of the fish to help them. The reason for the low oxygen level is some type of foreign substance has gotten into the retention pond. The most common sources are fertilizer from lawns and pool chemicals. It is imperative that all homeowners be careful not to fertilize too closely to common property and pond banks. Homeowners should always maintain at a 10 foot setback from the pond bank and they should not empty pool water in to the pond or the curb. Water from pools drains down the storm drains and enters the pond. There are still more carp in the pond however.

Lights Back On At The Sheldon Road Entrance
Article by Bill Stocker and photo by Kevin E. Olson submitted on October 13, 2006
On October 5, new front entrance lights were installed to once again illuminate the Sheldon Road entrance to West Bay. Two months ago, vandals damaged beyond repair the five sets of lights along the front wall. A few days later, vandals damaged the two sets of front entrance flowerbed lights that shine on the West Bay sign. The damaged lights were replaced with better sealed lights that last longer because they are protected from the weather. The new lights cost $2,188 for the equipment and labor. Reserves were used to fund the new lights because the normal budget could not absorb the expense.

The new lights are susceptible to damage by vandals just like the old lights, so keep your eyes open for suspicious activity around the front entrance. Report your findings to the Sherriff or Rampart Properties, whichever is appropriate.

New front entrance lights at Sheldon Rd.

Old Memorial Highway Bridge To Be Completed April 2007
Tampa Bay 10 News article: