Upper Tampa Bay Trail
Article updated and interactive map added by Kevin E. Olson on August 11, 2007

Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase I through III have completed for a seven mile continuous paved trail and pedestrian bridges have been added across Channel "A". Phase IV is in the funding stage which will connect the Upper Tampa Bay Trail at Peterson Road Park to the Suncoast Trail, a 29.6 mile trail through Pasco and Hernando counties.

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Upper Tampa Bay Trail Future Plans
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Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase II Opened June 5, 2004
Article and photos submitted by Kevin E. Olson on July 1, 2004

A couple miles north of West Bay, a four mile stretch of hike and bike trail opened to the public on June 5, 2004. The new trail is Phase II of the Upper Tampa Bay Trail which starts at the Old Memorial Trailhead (Montague Street at Memorial Highway), follows along the Channel "A" waterway and Rocky Creek to Linebaugh Avenue and then continues around a closed landfill. The Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase II connects to an additional four miles of trail which is Phase I (Linebaugh Avenue to Ehrlich Road) and Phase III (Ehrlich Road to Peterson Road Park). Phase IV (Peterson Road Park to the Suncoast Trail) is in the planning stage.

The Upper Tampa Bay Trail is a paved hike and bike trail developed with tree and shrub landscaping, picnic tables placed in shaded areas, and signs for directions and landmarks.

The Old Memorial Trailhead is located at the corner of Montague Street and Memorial Highway. The Old Memorial Trailhead has shaded vehicle parking and starts the Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

The Channel Park Trailhead is located off Waters Drive just west of Sheldon Road. The Channel Park Trailhead has vehicle parking and restroom facilities.

In 2005, several bike/pedestrian bridges are scheduled to be constructed across Channel "A" to improve neighborhood connectivity to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

Old Memorial Trailhead

Alonso High School

Northwest Regional Dechlorination Plant and Aquifer Storage Well

Channel Park Trailhead

Channel Park

Sheldon Road Crossing

Shaded Picnic Tables

Rocky Creek at Channel "A"

Rocky Creek Pedestrian Bridge at Linebaugh

Closed Landfill

Town of Citrus Park Trail (North) or Wilsky Trailhead (South)

Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase II satellite photo map